Frequently Asked Questions

I need a new clutch for my car, can I buy directly from EXEDY?

Unfortunately no. EXEDY does not sell directly to the public. You must buy our products through one of our dealers.

How do I find a distributor?

Click on the distributor finder link on this website and enter your postcode. If your search does not yield a response, try a different postcode or call EXEDY on 1300 366 592.

Do you have a clutch that fits my car?

You can use the clutch finder on the website to locate the best type of clutch for your application.

I need technical assistance, who do I contact?

You may contact us for technical assistance by email or phone. Click here to contact us. EXEDY Technical Support Phone 1300 366 592.

I may have a problem with my EXEDY clutch. How do I handle a warranty claim?

The first step in a warranty claim would be to contact the store where you bought it. After determining that there may be a manufacturing issue, the store where you bought the clutch can submit the product to us for further examination. We will make our determination and work with the store to resolve the issue. No warranty claims are offered sight unseen.

How can I tell if my clutch is a genuine EXEDY product?

We recommend that you only buy our products from an authorised dealer. We don’t condone buying EXEDY products from resellers on Ebay or other auction type website, since we have no way to confirm that the products are genuine.

My EXEDY Clutch looks different to the previous clutch. Do I have the right parts?

There are many manufacturers and designs for clutches. We make every effort to use the most suitable components for your application. Check the part numbers and compare what is listed on our application chart for your vehicle. If the components fit properly without modification, chances are you have the correct parts. If it appears something needs to be modified to make it work, stop and contact our technical department.

Is it necessary to use the alignment dowel pins on the clutch?

Yes! The alignment dowel pins properly locate the cover assembly to the flywheel. Without these pins severe vibration and engine damage can result. The alignment dowel pins should always be replaced if they are damaged, broken off, or missing from the flywheel.

Are there any special modifications necessary to install an EXEDY clutch?

All EXEDY clutch assemblies are designed to be a direct bolt in replacement for the stock clutch assembly. Pedal height adjustments are sometimes necessary depending on application.

Is changing the pilot bearing recommended when installing a new clutch?

Yes, if your vehicle is equipped with a pilot bearing or bushing, it is recommended to replace and correctly lubricate the pilot bearing/bushing when changing the clutch.

Do EXEDY clutches require a break in period?

We recommend breaking in the clutch for 1,000 km with mild engagement such as stop and go city driving prior to racing or spirited driving. EXEDY race discs usually only require a few hard slips to lap in the surfaces prior to normal driving or racing. Do not overheat the clutch during the break in period.

Can I use another brand of flywheel with an EXEDY clutch?

Yes, as long as the flywheel complies with the Original Equipment Specifications.

Will an EXEDY clutch increase pedal effort?

No. The EXEDY clutch is designed to be a direct replacement for the OE clutch.

How long can I expect my new EXEDY clutch to last?

All EXEDY products are designed with longevity in mind; however, clutch life will greatly depend on the vehicle, your type of driving and the output of the engine. For example a vehicle driven in heavy stop and go traffic will have a reduced clutch life than the same vehicle that is driven on the open highway.

Which EXEDY clutch assembly is best for my vehicle?

It is important to install the correct EXEDY clutch system in the vehicle. Knowing what characteristics you want in a clutch and the power capability of the engine is important. What is the vehicle used for? (Daily driving, Towing, Road racing, Drag racing, off road, Etc.)?

For towing or other street use we recommend the use of the EXEDY Up rated Sports Organic disc for smooth engagement.

For racing or off - road, the EXEDY Up Rated Cerametallic paddle race disc will give faster shifting, more power capacity and more durability at the cost of harsher engagement.

What is the maximum torque output of your engine? Torque capacity listed in our application chart should be about 10-20% greater than the engines torque output.

How heavy is the vehicle? A heavier vehicle is harder on clutch parts than a lighter vehicle. More heat is generated in the clutch getting the heavier vehicle moving.

Do any of your products contain Asbestos?

No. None of the products manufactured or marketed by EXEDY contain Asbestos.

What components are in an EXEDY Clutch Kit?

All EXEDY kits contain a cover assembly, clutch disc and release bearing. Kit component parts are listed on our parts list.

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