Sponsorship Opportunities

EXEDY proudly supports emerging and existing Australian talent at both local and national levels and across a variety of motor sport categories, including (but not limited to):

  • Circuit Racing
  • Drift
  • Rally
  • Drag
  • Club Events
  • Race Teams
  • Race Days

Sponsorship packages are offered at a mix of levels depending on the applicant’s experience. Some of the determining factors regarding the outcome of a proposal will include; the applicant’s potential for growth and development, dedication to their chosen field, motor sport community involvement, participation in events, history and experience plus their existing community reputation both on (and off) the track. A successful applicant will also be deemed a good fit with the EXEDY brand.

When evaluating sponsorship proposals, here’s a guide to some of the things EXEDY will look for:

  1. Detailed applicant profile including overview of crew/team members where applicable 
  2. Images & thorough details of vehicle/s
  3. Experience and history
  4. Long term goals and strategy to achieve them
  5. Calendar of events for intended participation
  6. Media exposure received to date
  7. Marketing and promotional plan for the future
  8. Vehicle decal (skin) concept and how you plan to integrate EXEDY
  9. Applicants must be 18 years or older to be considered
  10. The application must be submitted via email and must be no larger than 5MB in size

Only successful applicants will be contacted. Submit your application via email to teamexedy@exedy.com.au.

About the EXEDY Racing Team Sponsorship Program

In 2013, EXEDY launched an exciting and innovative new sponsorship program which offers the opportunity to become ‘THE’ EXEDY Racing Team for one full year. The EXEDY Racing Team sponsorship is a solid platform from which the winning driver and team can potentially launch into the Australian motor sport stratosphere.

EXEDY will assist the Racing Team as much as possible in achieving their goals. Putting the building blocks in place to grow and develop a solid motor sport participation strategy is only part of the benefit of this unique sponsorship offering. Together, the strong brand support combined with the national exposure it achieves, along with a highly organised team, hard work, dedication and motivated acumen, could kick off the first steps to a genuine career in motor sport for the winning applicants.

EXEDY intend to grow and develop this program well into the future and by doing so we hope to offer the opportunity to fresh recruits on an annual basis, so stay tuned.

For more information regarding this year’s EXEDY Racing Team, or obtain their events calendar, visit our Latest News page.

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